Sunday, November 7, 2010


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Where he goes every day? He knows where my school is. He also knows where my friends stay, almost all of them. But I know nothing about him. Every day he dresses himself like that man who shows up on that big hoarding across the corner. I observe that hoarding every day. There is also a little boy on that hoarding. Someday I also want to dress up like him. The complete little Man.

He leaves home before I wake up & when he is back I would already be fast asleep. I would only get to see him on Sundays. So there is no way to find out where he goes. Every day I observe from the window of my room, all big people leaving from the gate of the society. I wonder where they all go. I wonder if they all go to school just like us. I would like to see them getting scolded by teachers just like it happens to us. Do they fight like us? Do they play like us? Could they be afraid of their teachers?
Shrey's little mind was working up big time about big people.

Shrey was still lying in the bed, thinking to himself. Nila went to him & cuddled him up. These were holiday times & she wanted to spend as much time as possible with the little one. She was at her pampering best now; for the holidays were about to be over.
"Mamma I want to see where daddy goes every day, please ask him to take me along tomorrow". Like all kids shrey knew when to ask the question. Nila made the promise to him. Shrey happily came out of the bed & started his day. Nila could see that there was a spring in his little walk. The kid was surely more than happy.

The next day, Nila forgot her promise. When Shrey got out of bed, daddy was already out of home. The moment he realized it; he started crying. Nila had a hard time to console him. She made him another promise, "I would take you to the chocolate factory tomorrow. & you would love to be there. You would also get to eat all your favorite chocolates there"

Shrey had stopped crying but he had not given up on his quest for daddy's day out. He made a promise to himself to find out about daddy's school.

Next morning Shrey was up early but he did not get out o the bed. From the sides of the pillow he kept observing his daddy. When daddy was out of home Shrey hurriedly got out of the bed & silently went out of the door. He started following Daddy.

The watchman at the society stopped Shrey but he had already worked out his plan. He told the watchman, how mom had asked him to buy chocolates from the store at the corner. He did not object, as it was normal for the society kids to go to that groceries store which was just besides the society. The staff at the store knew all kids from the society.
Soon Shrey was out on the main road. He had kept his eyes on daddy. Daddy was walking with a brisk speed. Shrey had to run to keep up pace with daddy. It was tough but the little mind was adamant. He had marked the blue shirt; his daddy had worn that day. For a while he was right behind his daddy but soon the blue shirt was lost in the crowd of legs.
Now it was a problem. He was at the big square & the blue shirt was not in the vicinity. Although, he was still unafraid he was a little confused as the blue shirt was not in sight. His instincts told him he had to cross the road. He started looking around & suddenly he could see a blue shirt right across. The moment he saw it, he started running towards the other side. There was a big scratching sound on the roads. A big bus had to apply emergency brakes to avoid hitting him. The driver shouted at Shrey. He had made it to the other corner but now he was afraid. The noise of the brakes & the shout of the driver were too much for him. He started crying now.

Suddenly there was a commotion. The policeman at the square took hold of him. Shrey was taken to a corner. The policeman realized that the kid was lost. He queried Shrey about his home, his daddy & mummy. The only thing he could gather was that he was following up his dad. Instead of wasting time, he decided to take him to the police head quarters, which was his reporting police station. Also there was no other way, he could not think of leaving the lost little boy. The boy was still crying. The policeman made him the false promise of knowing his dad & that consoled him. The crying was now gone & he was calm. After a little while they stared getting along quite well.
When they reached at the head quarters, it was the time for police pared. The new recruits had all gathered at the headquarters. The view brought an instant smile on the face of the kid. He could see the big people standing in rows & listening to the orders given by somebody. They started with the prayer, and then they started running. The voice on the mike was shouting instructions. Saawdhaaan !!!!!!! Vishraaam !!!!!!!!! Pichhe Mood !!!!!!! Left Turn !!!! Right turn !!!!
Soon Shrey realized it was a school for the big people.
His smile became bigger, it had turned into a big grin now. He now knew for sure where his daddy & all the big people go every day. It was a triumphant smile. In his mind, he was sure that his dad must be there in that crowd.
The policeman let him be; for he was smiling & looking happy now. The policeman knew, it was easier to talk to a smiling kid rather than a crying one. He too was now more confident of talking to him & trying to find his home.

Shrey had forgotten that he was lost. For him, it was celebration time; He was successful in his quest.

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