Saturday, July 10, 2010


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I wish, If wishes were horses, but then I wonder what would happen to the horses. If that would happen the world would really become a crazy place. Since everybody would be happy & kind of content, there could be a danger that just nobody would want to work. The Jig-saw puzzle would break. Nobody would have the drive to do things & who knows the world may stop to function.
Wish,everyone wishes for something or other and keeps longing for it,waiting for it to happen. In a way wish is the engine which drives the world. When the sun rises and a new day begins ,a new wish takes shape in every heart. A wish to discover life,to learn & relearn & unlearn the ways of the world. A wish makes the day bearable and in a way helps one carry the burden of life. Imagine a day when one have no wishes to look forward to & you would start wondering what you are up to. You are because you wish.
The homosapiens in the stone age wished for a better life & in a way made us what we are. They discovered new ways of living, new ways of understanding the surroundings & new ways to get adapted to the world.
I am sure the creator must have made a wish for a rainbow world,a rainbow of people, a rainbow of emotions, a rainbow of landscapes, a rainbow of seasons, a rainbow of unknown umpteen possibilities & above all a rainbow of wishes to go on & on for a lifetime of lifetimes and here we are. We are the world because the creator wished for one.

It all begin with a Wish...........

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  1. It all begin with a Wish...........

    and so it does... excellent thoughts, following you!!!

  2. "We are the world because the creator wished for one."

    Awesome Post... Am Loving it..

    I wish you a good luck for BATOM - 12

    Saravana Kumar - Wish

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  3. 'when the sun rises a new wish takes shape in every heart'..nice true..and yes that one abt us being where we are 'cos the cavemen wished for progress..nice short article..

  4. Hi Pavil, it seems u blogging aftr a long time.. I am happy you wished for it and started blogging again :)
    Welcome to blog-a-ton.. keep wishing as u say 'it all began with a wish' :)

  5. "You are because you wish" true.
    Nice thoughts!!! keep writing :)

    and All the best for BAT!

  6. Very nice. Straight from the heart. It s like as if you put down in words what went on in my mind when I thought of this topic. You have written a very simple post and I know that putting the simplest of thoughts in words is the most difficult thing to do. Beautiful lines, it all begins with a wish ..

  7. Very simple and profound,all at once.
    And yes,it all does begin with a wish-IF we know what to wish for !!
    ATB !

  8. A rational wish is bound to be within needs
    A rational wish is bound to be beyond the gredd

    and the nature tries to maintain equilibrium between the both by its responses

  9. Thank you everybody. This is my first entry on Blog-a-ton & I'm learning to behave :-)
    I reached here via my nephew's blog who is a reguler blogatonian & must confess,I am loving it here.It feels like being part of a movement.
    @Vipul : I am a very lazy soul. I make lot of plans but hardly write. I keep finding excuses not to write. But I really wish to write more now.

  10. Yeah wishes are never ending, you wish for something and then u crave for more and more and more .....

  11. Simple Thoughts -the best way to enter blog a ton...loved the simplicity of the post...