Saturday, July 23, 2011


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"Hey Man close the door, its raining. You have the right to other plans but I want to sleep" the person trying to sleep in the birth no. 72 snapped at Vijay.

The man's anguish was understandable for It was 3 AM in the morning & the train was dashing towards its destination. "As you like it sir,So many doors have already been closed on me" Vijay murmured to himself & got back to his seat.
He was moving back to his home town, where his mother was waiting for him. She had never given up on her infant terrible. He hoped his little daughter & estranged wife too must be waiting to hear from him. At least he was hoping so. They had separated some years back & Lilian took simona with her. They too were supposed to be in the same town not far away from Vi jay's home.

Vijay finally reached home to a warm hug by his mother,that's the way she would always welcome her youngest son. No questions, no justifications, no explanations. She would communicate just everything with her silence. That comforted Vijay & he was ready to face life once again.

"So tell me Mr. Vijay what do you bring to the table, why should we offer you a this job" the burly person seated in front of Vijay almost shouted. Before he could utter a word the other member of the panel added, " We are the best business school in the town & we are not your run of the mill business school churning out a crop of MBAs. We always look for innovations, new ways of things in all that we do".

Vijay took a deep breath & almost whispered, "Sir, that's why I am here. I know what this school is all about. I have always admired this institution. I know how unique & innovative this institute is and that's why I have selected this over others. I am so sure this school is not going to fail me."

The panel was surprised & shocked at the selection of words by Vijay. One of them snapped back, "Fail you ? what are you talking about. Your resume suggests you have failed in almost everything that you have done. 10 jobs in 15 years. 2 years of doing nothing. You are a failed journalist, a failed business man, a failed writer, a failed engineer."
The other panelist added, "Your personal record also suggests you are a failed husband & a failed father".
"Sir let me add to the list" Vijay added "I am also a failed Naxalite & a failed robber."
The panel was completely taken aback. They had never met such a person in their life. The atmosphere outside the room was interesting. The other waiting candidates were tired of waiting for the interview to be over. But the things were different in the interview room. The discussion was getting interesting.

Vijay had to explain all his so called failures. It was no mean job but he passionately explained all that he did in his life till then. He continued his monologue, "My failures is what I have with me to offer. It has given me new perspectives & a whole new understanding of life. I certainly know how I failed in all things that I have done. I can impart this knowledge to my prospective proteges at the institute. These failures have told me how to achieve success in life. I am sure, I would be a successful lecturer and the students would find my talks interesting."
By the end of his monologue he has won them over. It was awe inspiring for them.
For Vijay all his so called failures were very dear but he knew the world would not understand his way of looking at things. He had to borrow the words of the world to make his point.But all said & done he had done the job he had set out for himself.

Vijay was back at life with a new zeal. Now there was a spring in his walk,his confidence knew no bounds. He was going to do interesting work with a world class business school & that too in his home town. His hopes of winning back his wife were live again.

He had had his revenge with the so called SUCCESS.

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  1. Touche !
    The culmination of your post is a masterstroke.
    Really liked the pathos with which you have conveyed the protagonists defence of his life thus far-perfect choice of words, neither too emotional nor apologetic-just the truth.

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    Good luck for BAT :)
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  3. Revenge with Success .. that is a good point .. maybe I would like to term it as 'revenge with failure'. Glad to read a positive post!

  4. Wow! What a revenge! Really loved this concept. Can relate to it personally as well. However a counter point came to my mind: the Anna Kaserina principle.Tolstoy's book Anna Kaserina begins with words : "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." So this has given a principle that every success is the same and every failure is unique. However would take nothing away from your post. You can check my post here: Revenge

  5. If only more and more people realized this - that all failures are not total failures!

  6. I was enjoying reading different perceptions on this topic. And I must tell you, this lived beyond my imagination. Liked it.. :)

    All the best for BAT.

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    A very very different treatment and well done at that!

    ATB for the BAT...

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  10. A very interesting take... Revenge on Success by being successful with the help of failures !!!! Though I am unable to decided whether I agree with it or not. Good luck :)
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  11. What a positive note to end that on:)
    All the best..

  12. like like likeyyyyyyy! :))))
    id say superb. d positivity of d theme n d presentation- cudn hav bn bettr!

  13. Nice post.
    Taking revenge with intangible assets. Great thought