Saturday, September 4, 2010


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It's getting too much now. You would wonder how I could say this for being the one who is believed to have created the whole thing.
Let me explain you; let me try to be transparent as you say in your world.
When I made this world I had a general idea about what I wanted to do. But I had never intended it to be run as per the whims & fancies of one creature. I wanted to create a self sufficient world which would have a place for every creature I had made. Which would run on its own. Once created it would go on & on forever, uninterrupted. It would create & pro-create itself.

I had to my service, the PanchaMahaBhutas, the earth, The Fire, The water, the Wind & the Sky. I went to my laboratory & thought for a long time before starting.
First I made Trees of all kinds tiny, small, big, medium all sizes. I made many species of them. Then put them across the Earth. Now don't ask me why I chose Earth of all those billions of stars. This Tree thing was a wonderful design; I gave it leaves, flowers, fruits & then branches, trunks & stems to hold the whole structure. I also gave it roots & let it make a living. It would live & stop living. Most of all I gave it the will to go on. In your words it was like an intelligent computer program which had its own life. But I did not give them names for; they all were same to me. You gave them names & started making use of them for your benefits.
Then I made the water bodies, the ponds, the Rivers, the streams. I asked Wind to flow around & have a blast. It was calm since nobody knew when. I relieved it of its forced calmness & asked it to be on its own. That created a flow in the rivers. They all went to wherever the flow took them & the earth allowed. That created the seas.
The Earth was so happy to see all this. She had started like it. She loved it. That made me think to do more. I went back to my Lab, thought some more & then designed the creatures. I made many species of them too. I threw them all over the earth. That made a huge impact. They made my idea look so good that I became ecstatic. I felt happy about myself. I was enthused with these creatures. They gave a new meaning to my Idea. These were different designs than trees; I gave them the ability to move around. Some could even live in water. Some of them could even fly using the wind. The earth could not believe it when she saw the creatures. The world, my idea had certainly become a better place. She was now greening with pride. She came to me & gave me a Big Thank you. It made my day. With contentedness I went for a long sleep. I was exhausted with my work & needed a break.

When I was back, one day I went to my lab. I realized that there were some leftovers in my lab. I must have missed that because of my Ecstasy over my creations, my last designs. With those leftovers I made two new creatures. I thought of doing something different & gave them some more intelligence; a little more than my last design. I spent some more time on them as I had lot of energy & was full of new ideas & enthusiasm especially because of the break.
I threw them in a specially located corner of the earth. The earth was surprised to see this strange creature. She was surprised as she was not aware of its creation. She was wondering, why at all it was made. But nevertheless she let the new creatures be & accepted both of them like all others.
This is how you came into being. But now you have become a dangerous creature for all others. The earth keeps complaining about you. But even I can't stop you. My design does not allow me to do so.
I made land & you made the boundaries. I gave you emotions & you invented war. I gave you rivers & you invented dams. I made you & you discovered & re-discovered me for your own benefits. You even started differentiating your fellow creatures. Not just that, you keep discovering new ways of doing that. The list would go on & on.
No doubt, I did admire many of your doings. I had given you sound & when you discovered language, I was happy, very happy to see the interesting invention giving a new meaning to my idea. But look at it now; you started using it as a tool of differentiation.
And then Money, that most awful invention of yours. But what do I say, I created you & you created money. Do you remember, you created money to help you but now it is controlling you, your actions, your emotions & your motives?

You discovered the so called metals, gases & liquids. Then you started painful ways of hurting the earth to find more of those. Leave apart the earth; you don't even care for your fellow creatures when you do that.
While doing this all you even pushed me inside the four walls of a prayer house, your own discovery of honoring me. It’s another story that you even differentiate among those prayer houses. Many of you use that prayer like a bargain. What do you think? Am I a shopkeeper, like those in your world?
There are some in your ilk who don't even believe me, my very existence but I believe them, I love them some more. At least they don't lie to me, they don't bargain with me. They do not burden me with their life.

I am sad & unhappy with you. I am fed up with you. I am returning to my abode & leaving this earth. Do not worry about the Earth; my design is simple but robust. It would not break. You worry about yourself, your being, your very existence. You break the balance in my design & it would break you. It would wipe you out. But still the world would continue, with you or without you. That's the way I have made it, designed it.

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  1. let me be transparent, i liked dis post genuinely, the mesage it brings and d way it moves on.. :)

    i blog at

  2. NIce post, a bit of grammatical and spelling corrections here and there and Bingo, you will be a good writer.
    nice concept again, keep posting

  3. @Namit : Thanks for the kind words.

    @Muddassir : Thanks for your comments, I had trouble with my spell checker & typed in real hurry. Thanks for the encouraging words. Wud try to minimize the errors in later posts.

  4. A very nice take on the prompt, Pavil! Kudos for that! Some spelling mistakes were a distraction else I really liked the post! All the best!

  5. A good post minus the errors. After all, to err is human ;)

  6. Hmmm.. I so loved the post where you started describing man. from - I made land & you made the ...

    Very good post.

    But yes, believe it or not, spelling and grammar do distract readerr. I must tell you that the quality of your post has diminished because of the errors. Else, it is a wonderful post.

    At the same time I understand it is not possible to improve drastically in one go - but, I suggest you should paste the content on a word document... microsoft word will itself correct a number of errors... or at least tell you about a number of errors :)

    Very good concept you presented. Good luck for the competition.

  7. @Jaspreet, Kshitij & Kevin : Thanks for your kind words. As I said there was a problem with my spell checker. I have corrected it now. I hope it's better now.

  8. Bhagwaan ji !! ??
    Thanks for the one-on-one !
    And must say, you have quite a way with words-cheeky,but endearing!

  9. Ha, that was a very innovative post. Well written.

  10. Glad I read this. Very nice concept. But I feel it would have been even more beautiful if you had rendered this as a poetry. If you have poetic skills, I would suggest you try doing this as a poetry.

  11. cutesy with a meaning. I'm glad I dropped by.