Saturday, October 2, 2010

GoodBye @ the Station

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I wish I could have returned to say Goodbye. But I could never bring myself to do that. It was tough for me. I could not stand the idea to say good bye to her.
To separate was an amicable decision. We did not even discuss that but the so called destiny took us right there & made us part ways. It was inevitable. He dad was against our marriage, our efforts to convince him did not work. He was not ready to part ways with his beliefs. It sounds strange now but then we were firm that we would get married only if the parents agree. We both had decided this together. When her dad said no my heart had rebelled but deep within I knew it was a barren rebel abreast of any results.
She took up a new job in a different city soon after & I came to this foreign land. I had to run; run away from the past, the future & the present. I left everything behind, almost everything till I came to visit this railway station. One look at the building & tears started rolling off my eyes. The past was back to the present. The architecture of this station is exactly like the one in our city. It reminded me of the day when I saw her one last time. She did not know I was watching her leaving the city. I was scared to say good bye but from one corner of the station I watched her leave. She was in the bogey no. 7 at seat no. 31.

Now it’s a routine for me. I go to this station every Sunday. I wait for this train. I go to the person in the bogey no. 7 at seat no. 31 and say Goodbye. I wait for the train to leave & wave to the person till the train crosses the boundries of vision.

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  1. When parents disapprove of a love one getting you married because of religion, caste, etc., we want really to rebel, but that would remain useless...

    all we could do then is reminisce the good times we have had spent with them even to the point of looking somewhat confused and out of this world...

    your story is sad...

    ATB! Good morning...:)

  2. Very moving,so much that i fear the loss may well be personal.
    But beautifully written-the two words, barren rebel, capture the impotent helplessness far better than any tome ever could.
    Brilliant writing.

  3. Each time I say one I almost always find myself in an indescribable state, a state of sheer hollowness perhaps. Nothing and No one can change the way I feel. No offence but yes practicality is important and doing the right thing is important but when you don't know that doing something else is not necessarily the wrong thing it is at those times that I think of these words "But when love is not madness, it is not love"

  4. @Amity :Thanks for visiting. Yes, it's a sad story. I do not know why but it just came up like that.
    @Brijender: Thanks, there is a famous marathi lovesong about train & having to say goodbye. I often listen to that song. I think we all have such moments in life.
    @Sidra : thanks for the visit

  5. nice one pavil... very moving... could feel the wotions there... all the best for BAT!

    Tavish - Sensible Bakwas